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Day 1    

  Nelly and I had a seamless flight from Seattle to Detroit but according to my clock the flight for Paris was an hour late leaving.

  In Paris I emailed NorthWest twice before they even answered me. They said that flight records showed it was actually 8 minutes late.
Line of jets we pass
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

 The flight was so late that we were cleared by the tower to cut in a line of at least 10 planes. Exactly why my clock said 1 hour late, NWA flight records said 8 minutes, some guy was asking the hostess what the delay was and why I have a shot of the line of planes we passed, I don't know... but somewhere, some things just didn't add up.
  Dinner was a good beef burgundy with noodles although I was in the next to the last row and they ran out of entrée options around row 26 or 27. Bad planning on their part I think.
  Anne-Laure and Nelly's brother, Bertrand picked us up at the airport. The traffic into town was horrible because the SNCF was on a little 2 day strike and everybody was driving instead of using public transportation.

   When you book a flight make sure to reserve a seat near the front of the plane if you enjoy having any choice at all.

   For some reason, no matter the season or time of year, every time I'm in Paris there's a strike and this was no different.  >>

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