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Site of the week: 12.15.2001

Reviewed July, 25th, 2002
“Soon you can't stop reading because of the amusing anecdotes”

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  PlanetRider: Best Travel Web

  This site is less a travel guide and more the online diary of Don Smith, a traveler who spent nine weeks in France. The personal stories are a welcome change from the dry prose of some guidebooks. (I especially liked Smith's wonderment over finding canned croissants in a French supermarket.)
  If you find the photography on the site exceptional, there's a reason: Smith is a photographer who regularly offers photography workshops in Paris. His site includes an online application.
    Have you practiced your French air-kiss? This entertaining and often funny travelogue documents recent trips to Paris by "a real guy," complete with parties, trips to the toy store, sightseeing, and other adventures. Good photographs and writing (with travel suggestions) make this a fun trip for the reader--whether or not you're going to Paris.
Planet Rider

  This photo-laden account of a 70-day trip to Paris includes details about food, transportation, wine, shopping ... oh yeah, did we mention food? Cheeses, breads, sausages and wines make this travelogue as tasty as a gourmet meal. You'll meet Parisians Sebastien, Edwige, Salah, Sophie, Phillipe, Zeinab and husband Jean, and Nemo the cat. Beautiful photos capture everything from the quaint, winding back streets of Paris to the silver gleam of modern high-speed trains. It's a leisurely journey with plenty to enjoy along the way.
- Access Magazine

  Featured online link at Travel Update, "Seen each week in more than 100 cities across the United States, Travel Update is the #1 syndicated television travel magazine in North America".
-Travel Update
  Don's illustrated travelogue is based on a 70-day trip to France. The photos are excellent, and you'll also find a nine-page "Paris Essentials" section.

   Travelogues in Paris - really nicely organized site of personal travelogue[s] in Paris and other information.

real news, real culture, real people
  Don was packing a very huge camera with a bazooka-like lens.
- Paris Metropole


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