Family Recipes

Gorgonzola Cheese sauce for pasta
  From Rome to Paris with a special twist, this will impress your guests and only takes 20 minutes. From the cookbook on PBS, "KCTS Cooks with Cheese"

Real French Crêpes
   Only 5 simple ingredients and a few hours to perfect French crêpes.

Béchamel sauce
  Three ingredients, 10 minutes, some salt & pepper and you have the famous white sauce. Terrific for making a gratin.

Seafood Puff Pastry
  This will impress anyone and takes about 30 minutes.

Endive with ham
  The ultimate cold weather comfort food from the North of France.

Fish with herbed cream sauce
  A stunning sauce that's easy to make.
  Nicole's Recipes

Escargot Nicole
Escargot with no snails at all.

Fraises au Vin
Berries in red wine, perfect for summer.

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