Who's Don?    

  Who is this guy anyway? Not much is known but a few facts do emerge:

- His first visit to Paris was when he was 11
- He earned a BFA in photography from SFAI
- In 1995 he taught a seminar about the Web in its birthplace, Switzerland
- He once bought a new 286 for $1200
$1200 for a 286, is he mad?

  He speaks 3 languages:
1. English
3. Crazed sign language with sound effects
  Someone who's known him for 29 years once said:
  "He's artistic, strung out on coffee, open to new experiences, a world traveler and an intellectual."
- Jeff

   In 1995 he attempted to seduce a Parisian by making a surpise visit and sending an entire chicken in a can with a friend from the US to help hide his visit. He thinks outside the box or boite, as the case may be.

  Interested in travel & food, his recipe for Gorgonzola cheese sauce was choosen to be included in the cookbook
KCTS Cooks with Cheese.
Romance and canned poultry
  Other's have said:
 "Sort of like a Baywatch lifeguard, only different, Don keeps a tireless eye on the digital surf. One time I got beat up by a rogue cop and told some people in a discussion list. Don noticed the tear in the fabric of the Web, dove in, prescribed PGP, and I've had none of that nasty business since. "
- Dan McComb, former victim

 " Nelly and Don told me something about the rest of their schedule; but it sounded like 'The 15 Countries In 60 Days Marathon Visit' and details of it have escaped me...
  Don was packing a very huge camera with a bazooka-like lens. "

- Paris Metropole

 " He's one of the best conversationalists on Earth and he makes killer espresso. "
- Gail

  Don's illustrated travelogue is based on a 70-day trip to France. The photos are excellent, and you'll also find a "Paris Essentials" section.
- About.com

  He's a Paris based, professional photographer who also leads Photo Workshops.
  His extensive stock library of images is available for license and he's available for interviews as well. Simply mail him.
Writing in the park.
Writing on a Paris park bench

" very interesting read. considering my first trip to paris consisted of a cheap hotel and looking at the eiffel tower for five minutes before moving on to brussels i really appreciate having an american view of the city! "
Auriea, - entropy8
  Having fun, 75 stories up.
Shooting atop a 76 story building

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